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Order of the Red Rose - The 666 project




Order of the Red Rose - The 666 project


Each follower, member, belonging, exponent or sympathizer of the ROSA ROSSA, is required to respect and adapt to the application of PROJECT 666


This project, and order, is the basis and precursor of every RED ROSE initiative


Every credit agency, every money-spreading machine, every financial institution, every machine of industrial production, every mechanical means belonging to the everyday life of being, is considered, in all respects, a moral threat of the members themselves


These institutes, these mortifying earthly existence, must be eradicated by society and considered to be the worst of human existence.


Every industrial machine, belonging to the productive daily life of human beings, must be considered a threat for the protection of every living being. This threat must be countered


Every follower, member, belonging, exponent or sympathizer of ROSA ROSSA, is required to be averse to this lifestyle that places machines, modernity and money above the individual, and consider it immoral


This order forbids harming individuals or physical subjects and implies, in an absolute way, to oppose only money institutions and machines similar to the proliferation of it


The protection of the earthly environment, the natural development of life, the return to the primordiality of the living being, are fundamental principles within this initiative and at the moral basis of the order itself



Order of the RED ROSE



Order of the Red Rose - Spiritual physical preparation




Order of the Red Rose - Spiritual physical preparation


Each member, follower, belonging, sympathizer of the Red Rose, is required, subject to personal physical availability, to adapt their body and spirit to the physical-spiritual preparation


Members predisposed to this type of activity are required to face each other and train among them as spontaneous PHYSICAL-SPIRITUAL preparation


The preparation of the body, body and mind are daily practices and must be practiced constantly


It is forbidden, in this preparation, to endanger the physical safety of each member.


This activity is implemented within the RED ROSE order as a physical and spiritual discipline.


All those who do not consider themselves adequate, or bearers of physical defections, can escape without any obligation



The 4 knights of the red rose order

The 4 knights of the red rose order


The Order of the Red Rose adopts, as mystical figures related to ritualism, the mystical adoration of 4 entities which will be in all respects linked to the spiritual path within the Red Rose.


LUCIFER - The Angel of Light

ASMODEO - The incendiary demon

BELZEBU '- Lord of Baal

APOLLYON - The Destroyer



Lucifer, the angel of light


Asmodeus, the incendiary demon


Belzebù, the lord of Baal


Apollyon, the destroyer





                                                 ORDER OF RED ROSE





Order Of The Red Rose - The Night of Fire

Order Of The Red Rose - The Night of Fire


The night of fire is a series of sacred days linked to the Order of the Red Rose

At the sunset of October 31, until the dawn of November 2, the Order of the Red Rose ritualizes the rise of lucifer, and the advent of Asmodeus, through the spirituality linked to the sign of Fire.

Every follower or member is required to glorify these days


Asmodeus, the incendiary demon

Order of the Red Rose - The Fire




Order of the Red Rose - Sexual Rituals and Sex



Order of the Red Rose - Sexual Rituals and Sex


A sex ritual means any ritual that uses sexual activity for magical or mystical-spiritual purposes. The practice of sexual magic generally uses the energy arising from orgasm, or in any case the latency present in the state of sexual excitement, to achieve the desired magical result.

The premise of any kind of sexual magic is the concept that the energy produced by sexuality is one of the most powerful forces possessed by human beings, and that can be exploited to obtain a condition of transcendence with respect to the normal perception of reality.

Spirituality and sexuality are connected to each other since prehistoric times. In the West sexual magical rites were practiced by various Gnostic sects.

The first practical notes on the teaching of sexual magic in the Western world come from the American nineteenth-century occultist P.B.Randolph, author of the book entitled "The Mysteries of Eulis"

It has sometimes been hypothesized that the "unlimited sexual license" was one of the most distinctive features of the ancient Roman world

Some attitudes and behaviors of a sexual nature that are well present within Roman culture differ greatly from those of later Western culture. For example, Roman religion promoted sexuality as one of the fundamental aspects of prosperity for the entire state; individuals could turn to private religious practice, or even magic, to improve their erotic life or health and reproductive capacity; moreover, prostitution in ancient Rome was legal, public and widespread. Artistic subjects that today we would define without hesitation as pornography were widely present among the art collections of the most respectable families and of high social status.

The erotic art in Pompei and Herculaneum, found only from the late 18th century, is a rich source of clues to the nature of sexuality in ancient Rome. Objects of daily use such as mirrors and sealed ceramic vases could be decorated with scenes erotic which could go from elegant dances performed in skimpy dresses to explicit designs of sexual penetration.

A whole series of paintings found in Pompeii's suburban baths, discovered only in 1986 and published in reproduction in 1995, present a variety of erotic scenarios that seem to entertain the spectator with very scandalous sexual representations, including a large number of sexual positions, oral sex and heterosexual, homosexual and lesbian sex of your choice.

As for the other aspects of the Roman way, sexuality has also been supported and regulated by precise religious traditions, both as regards public public worship and as regards private and magical religious practices.

Many of the seasonal Roman festivities contained sexual elements: the Lupercalia of the month of February were celebrated until the 5th century and included an archaic fertility rite; while the Floralia were characterized by dances that took place between naked people.

Roman men were completely free to have sex with men of inferior status, without having any perception of any loss of masculinity.

The control of female sexuality was considered necessary for the stability of the state, so much so that it was enshrined in the most conspicuous form given by the absolute virginity of the vestal attendants to the sacred fire. A vestal that had violated its vow would have been buried alive in a ritual that would have imitated Roman funeral practices in some ways and her lover would have followed her.

The Roman state, in order not to break out disturbances and reassure the masses, proposed circus shows (of struggle and violence), gave grain to the poor, promoted and expanded the free sexuality and sex as a primary form to guarantee the PUBLIC ORDER.



In Greek mythology the relationship between Achilles and Patroclus is one of the key elements of the myths associated with the Trojan war: what was its actual nature and to what extent this close friendship between the two heroes has been the subject of controversy both in the ancient period both in modern times.


In the Iliad the two have a profound and exclusive friendship: Achilles proves to be always very tender and worried towards his comrade-in-arms, when instead he proves to be ruthless, insensitive and arrogant with all the others, both enemies and allies. The commentators of the classical era easily translated the relationship between the two through the interpretive lens of their culture.


In ancient Athens during the 5th century BC the relationship has often been considered in the traditional light of pedagogical pederasty. In the lost tragedy of Aeschylus Mirmidoni, dedicated to the hero of the Achaeans, the poet indicates the relationship between the two warriors as explicitly sexual and assigns to Achilles the title of erastes and protector: in a surviving fragment the hero speaks of a "devout union of the thighs "indicating with this term the intercultural sex, the one used most in the pederastic relationships.


According to some interpreters in the Iliad, "the association between Achilles and Patroclus is a symbol of heroic homosexuality on which the aedo does not spread not by discretion, but as a usual phenomenon", adding then that "Achilles who wants Briseis and is in linked to Patroclus, it can be considered the model of Greek erotic culture ".




The Order of the Reds and the sexual Rituals


- The order of the Red Rose is an esoteric order based on free sexuality and free sex

-The Order of the Red Rose is a freely accessible esoteric order and does not discriminate any form of sexuality or sex

- The Order of the Red Rose encourages sexual rituals linked to the Lucifer cult.

- These rituals can be carried out in a personal circle of couples or extended to common meetings between several participants

- Participants in these rituals must be adult and consenting.

- Participants in such meetings link their ritual practices to the 4 manuals of the Red Rose order and their symbolism.

- Followers, members, sympathizers of the Order of the Red Rose can practice free sex rituals (with personalized allegory and freely managed by the participants).

-The Sex rituals are suggested practices to link the Luciferian evocation, the emanated cult, to the sexual pleasure inherent in the orgasm and the fusion of the bodies

-The Sex rituals do not disdain, where the participants are consenting, no sexual practice.








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