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Luciferine spiritual introduction




Luciferine spiritual introduction


Before starting to study and meditate on the Manuals, an introduction is needed to try to explain what and who Lucifer is and what the effect of your relationship with man is.

Let's start with a definition: He is the Angel who lives in the heart of all of us to reveal the seductive beauty of existence, opposed by all Abrahamic religions because men do not love life but rather nothing after it; and on nothing Judaism, Christianity and Islam have created non-existent havens.

Lucifer therefore exists as a spiritual entity, alive and true, and is embodied in the history of humanity through those who firmly believe in Him.

Defining Lucifer using words is an understatement. Telling him that he is a beautiful angel with the body of a teenager is by no means exhaustive. It's just an image you need for a mere representation.
Instead, let us try to assert that Lucifer is a personal experience that grows within us with the time and dedication we reserve for him.

Only those who fall in love with him can worship him and understand what beauty is and how much value he has in the lives of men. Being loved by him is an immense privilege but it will also be a shocking experience.

Thinking of Him as a teenager does not allow us to grasp the sense of the myth of eternal youth, strength, fury and courage that only young people or heroes are capable of.

And Lucifer is also a Sacred and immortal Hero who instills strength in those who believe in Him, but a force that makes them able to face every situation and makes us be contemptuous of the dangers of life to pursue the

Victory and the immortality of body and soul.

Of his victories to Lucifer he has given so many of them in history, but he still calls us to battle because the war against his enemies is not over.

Whoever believes in Him is an Elected because he will never be able to annihilate himself in the confused whole.
Whoever believes in him will always be able to preserve his individuality as happens with the gods. He recognizes in us the only true beings capable of overcoming the limits of nature in order to come into contact with the deified dimension.

The man through Lucifer rises to the rank of god, without thereby arousing his envy, and incites him to skim his fellows between who is worthy to enter his army and who should be banished and destroyed forever.

Lucifer does not seek us, does not tempt us, does not want to ensnare our soul to make it burn in the flames Hell.

Lucifer wants man to choose freely between light and religious obscurantism, between courage and fear, between sexual instinct and moral castration, between living fully and surviving in a thousand senses
of guilt.

Lucifer wants us free and only those who are truly free can worship him; only those who can fully grasp life can enter into symbiosis with the great Angel of Light.

Who, therefore, wants to realize his own desires, who wants to live in the light, who knows how to grasp the irony that lies behind every existence and enjoys it, who of his faults knows how to make merits is an elected his worshiper.

Anyone who enters the Order of the Red Rose knows that he can always push himself further and without fear of being wrong because his steps are guided directly by Lucifer: our hands can touch the Eternal Fire, in his heart his Spiritual Seal is engraved.

The Order of the Red Rose represents the new humanity. Lucifer is the new humanism, the only turning point for a possible future of a new era already announced for centuries.