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Esoteric Library




                                   Esoteric Library



The Esoteric Library of the Red Rose is a collection of texts that deal with ritual, magical and spiritual matters

The following collection of volumes is presented for the sole purpose of

create an Esoteric / Spiritual Archive.

 The Texts have no ritual link with the order.

 The Rituals contained in some manuals are not an expression

of the Order of the Red Rose.


Esotericism is the term used to indicate, in a broad sense, the doctrines of character, at least in part secret or reserved. The hidden truth or hidden meanings of such doctrines are accessible only to so-called initiates, often providing for varying degrees of initiation.

The word "esoteric" refers to a public doctrine, that is, that can be freely taught to anyone.

However, the term esotericism (derived from the Greek esoteros: inner) is a clear call within, to the interiority, to the "heart" of the human being.

Esotericism indicates as meaning of the term itself any religious practice or belief that can not be publicly disclosed, or of which at least part must remain secret.

It is not difficult to understand, with this premise, that everything can have an esoteric meaning so much so that we have Nazi esotericism, Christian esoterism and also Masonic esotericism.

Like all knowledge, esotericism has its own texts (esoteric books), in a certain sense, considering the Christian esoterism the Bible or the ancient scriptures full of symbolism and precepts are the esoteric book, or esoteric books par excellence.

Among the many esoteric books, the Necronomicon, the Picatrix, the Grimoire of Solomon (Key of Solomon) and the De Occulta Philosophia of Agrippa on the demonic invocations are certainly mentioned.



Clavicle of Solomon


The Necronomicon


The satanic bible 


The Book of Mormon


The Isiac Tablet of Cardinal Bembo


The Divine Pymander


The Life and Doctrines of Jacob Boehme


 Jesus, the Last Great Initiate








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