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The Red Book


                                                             The Red Book





           Introduction to the Red Book



Spiritual adoration is necessary to strengthen the deep search for the Sacred Light in the members of the Order of the Red Rose, which resides in the deepest intimacy of every person.




Daily prayer serves to bring the initiate closer to achieving higher degrees
of spiritual knowledge.




Prayer and meditation are the key to the door that will allow those who want to enter the truth; they represent the instruments for the return of the state of human original divinity.




It is good, therefore, to learn to respect a certain rituality in the acts of prayer and meditation, how to identify a quiet place facing the East to concentrate and use fragrant incense to purify
the environment in which we find ourselves. Candles and ritual tools must be reserved for these purposes only. The candles, where at the base engrave or apply the double R of the Order, can be red or white.




Candle holders or glasses should be silver. If you do not possess them, they must be simple clean objects and used only for prayer rituals.




The hours of prayer, consistent with the work and family commitments of each, will be in the morning at dawn, at noon of the solar hour (both in summer and winter), in the evening at the first gleam of the planet Venus.




The sacred day in LUCIFERO is Friday.




                       The Red Book



The Red Book is a manual of Prayers \ Litanies dedicated to the worship of Lucifer.

The text is filed on the website and transmitted to each of its followers

 The Red Book is a manual of daily approach to Luciferian practices.

 Prayer practices do not include body preparation and may be accompanied by ritual fumigation



The Red Book is conceived as a text of prayers and daily invocations to LUCIFER



                                                    THE ANGEL OF LIGHT



Lucifer, the angel of light



Lucifer, the son of the Dawn




Luciferine spiritual introduction




                               THE INCENDIARY DEMON



Asmodeus, the incendiary demon












The reading or daily recitation of the following prayers dedicated to Our Lord Lucifer is necessary to counter the energy of Christian community prayer, practiced by an ever diminishing
number of faithful, but still present.


Prayers and invocations are divided for each day of the week.


Some phrases of them can be repeated during the day as if they were a continuous prayer.


Choose a quiet place to focus on prayer. A few minutes each day will reinforce and officially bind the initiate into the Order of the Red Rose.


You can also proceed to a ritual fumigation before beginning the acting.


In the evening it would be advised to light four red candles.




The Red Book - Monday Prayers


The Red Book - Tuesday Prayers


The Red Book - Wednesday Prayer


The Red Book - Thursday Prayer


The Red Book - Friday Prayer


The Red Book - Saturday Prayer


The Red Book -  Sunday Prayer







Morning prayer


Prayer of the angel


Lucifer in the Night


Lucifer is Eternal Fire


Song of fire


Blessing and ascent of Lucifer






Lucifer is a lighthouse in the night



Lucifer is my shepherd




Lucifer is eternal Glory 







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