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The Red Rose



                           The Red Rose





                            The Red Rose



The Red Rose is an esoteric order founded in 2018 and linked to the Lucifer cult.

Luciferdoes not represent a spiritual entity, but is a symbol of the breaking down of every religion and each belonging is anearthly rappresentation


The Order of the Red Rose is an order free and accessible to all those who profess the cult.

Every follower or member is free to profess the cults proposed by the order and to represent them freely

The website is the only official expression of the Red Rose order.

Each teacher and each member are equal in the Order of the Red Rose and released from any form of hierarchy

The order of the Red Rose welcomes its members in a totally free and free manner (La Rossa does not provide membership or membership payment formulas)

The Order of the Red Rose is an esoteric order based on respect and protection of the earthly environment. Each follower, member or belonging is required to respect this ideal

In the Greek and Roman world, the red rose was associated with the myth of Adonis and Aphrodite.

 For centuries the Red Rose has been a symbol of beauty and perfection.

The central bud of the Red Rose is a symbol of union and solidarity between the various parts and between the petals that arise from it






                             ORDER OF THE RED ROSE











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Telefono 3713925968 


Milano - Italy 




                                       THE ORDER OF THE RED ROSE






                  The 4 Manuals of the Red Rose Order








                                  THE DEMONIC









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