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Order of the Red Rose - Blood as a means of purity



Order of the Red Rose - Blood as a means of purity


Blood is the initiatory tool of the ordinative and, as such, appears as the primary instrument of spiritual evolution. Blood, as a means of life, is considered a means of transfusion for the purity of order. To create or encourage the births of members of the order is considered fundamental and of primary importance.

The blood is a Ritual transitional medium and, as such, appears to be an approach - spiritual transition.


Those who think of life, naturally think of the blood, that life-giving liquid that circulates in the body of many animal species and in the human body. Losing one's own blood is tantamount to losing one's life; Since blood is the symbol of life, it has always played an important role in all the religions of That of blood is therefore a very large subject, which would require hours and hours of in-depth analysis and explanations.

In fact, since ancient times, blood has played a mystical role of great importance for man. The human being has sacrificed his fellow beings to achieve a goal and, still, such rituals and beliefs are present in different contemporary cultures. : for example in most of the South American ones (strongly influenced by the ancient Incan, Mayan and Aztec rites), or in some African tribes.the world, especially in those where it is considered a vehicle of the soul.


From the anthropological point of view, what is this tremendous practice from? Can we know the reasons? Include these?

The answer is to be foHow can we forget, for example, the Inca civilization, the Mayan civilization and all the pre-Columbian populations? From the writings of the priests of Spanish conquerors, for example, we have come to know that the Incas, in order to appease the wrath of the gods, adopted sacrificial practices.und in evolution and, in particular, in the survival instinct of man.

In the Universe nothing is lost, there is always some creature that comes to feed on the life that is emanated from small drops of blood (...) The initiates and the priests used the blood of the victims sacrificed to the gods to evoke celestial or infernal entities; the entities responded to the appeal because they found nourishment in the blood.

The Aztecs, in Mexico, came to perform real mass massacres in the name of sacrifice to the gods. Every day in the main Aztec cities rituals were performed with human sacrifice and it seems that, on these occasions, the blood flowed in rivers from the temples. On various occasions the sacrifices reached levels of real slaughterhouse.



On the occasion of the temple festival of Huitzilopochtli, fearsome god of war and sun and protector of the city of Tenochtitlán, more than twenty thousand people were killed. From the temple platforms the smoke of incense and burnt hearts rose up to the gods and the tincture The priests used to be black with drugs that made them insensitive to fatigue and able to dance and sing without interruption for many hours. Certainly the impact of the Spanish "civilians" with the uses of the Aztecs was not without a certain psychological trauma.


The Celts routinely sentenced men to be sacrificed to the gods during lavish ceremonies held every five years. The more numerous the victims were, the more fruitful the land would have been with its own fruits. If the criminals to be sacrificed were not sufficient, the number with the prisoners of war would be integrated.

When the time came, the victims were sacrificed by the priests, the Druids, both with arrows and impaling them. Others were burned alive as follows: colossal anthropomorphic images of rushes or wood were built and filled with men and livestock. Then they set fire to these gigantic effigies and they burned with everything inside.


Although little known, the Scandinavian populations were no less in terms of human sacrifice. In Scandinavia these rites were usually offered to Odin, the main deity lord of war and wisdom.


In Uppsala, Sweden, the victims were hanging from the branches of trees in a sacred forest in the immediate vicinity of a temple. The temples were often bordered by pools, similar to pools, inside which the victims were immersed until they drowned.


In Iceland, however, the "Circle of Destiny" held the stone of the god Thor, on which the victims were brutally beaten to death.


But the Vikings' rituals were the most horrible and violent. To the chosen victim, still alive, a deep incision was made on the back from which the main organs were extracted: death was atrocious and very slow.


Woman and blood


Let's start from the moon and the woman both bound by the blood ... it is no coincidence that the metrual cycle is linked to that of the moon.

  The psychic experience that women face during the menstrual period is linked to the mysteries of life and death. By itself, the phenomenon of menstruation is neutral, since it is simply a physiological process, depending on what it feeds in the heart and mind. We must be very careful to consider with great respect the blood that is condensed light.


The Red Rose, unlike the barbaric beliefs of the past, considers blood as a means of transfiguration and rebirth.

. Blood, within the ordinative, is considered pure element.

The Blood, as a means of life, is preserved and handed down among the members

Blood is a RITUAL continuation medium.




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